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Overland Water Coverage


It's finally here!!! Don't miss out on the wave.

Starting June 1st, 2015., we're excited to share the news of Aviva's new Overland Water Coverage. Without prejudice, it'll insure your home against direct physical loss or physical damage caused by overland water from any single occurrence. This includes damage caused by the sudden accumulation of water that enters your property during:
  • weather events such as heavy rains,
  • spring run-off, and
  • over-flowing lakes and rivers.

To Qualify:
  • your dwelling must not be within 100m of a river,
  • you must not have a reverse-sloped driveway, and
  • you must have separate sewer backup coverage.

If your home is already insured through Aviva Insurance Company of Canada ®, contact your broker to learn how you can add Overland Water Coverage to your existing home policy now. As a result of this new offering, wording for your current sewer backup coverage has been changed to state that if overland water enters your premises, it voids any coverage for sewer backup.

Please review the following PDFs:
If you have further questions, need a quote, or need help understanding changes to your policy, please contact your Lundgren & Young broker at any time. We're here to help you.